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About Us

About Us About Us
We bring skilled professionals and state-of-the-art training methods, from France, Spain and Argentina, to the new emerging markets in the world of football: China and the USA. 
Real Gate works with pro clubs and national federations, as well as private institutions. We are authorized partners of the South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL and Argentinian Football Federation AFA, and we have localized broadcasting agreements with Fox Sports and other sport channels. 
In ChinaReal Gate has won an International Award for Innovation at the Guangdong Province start-up competition, and has the backing of several major companies in Beijing and Hangzhou. In France, we work with three professional clubs, and their coaches who have trained some of the new World Cup champions!

Real Gate also organizes Training Football Camps, located in beautiful settings in Europe and South America. At the moment we offer Spain, France, Bulgaria and Argentina as favored destinations, where we provide to our customers (professionals and amateurs alike) a Football Camp experience rich in fun, sportsmanship, sightseeing and adventure! We've been working in this Sport and Tourism field with the European branch of Southwest Value Partners, and various French partners and institutions. 
We currently have offices or exclusive representatives in Buenos Aires, Paris, Sofia, Hong Kong and Hangzhou.

Helping international Startup companies enter China's market:

Real Gate has been mandated by several business incubators and business-park managers. So, we are always looking for foreign tech startups (or innovative sports companies), willing to settle in China and register their business in high-tech development zones, situated either in Guangdong or Zhejiang province.

Contact us ( ) for more details on this offer, which involves company registration in China, opening of professional bank accounts, free-of-rent offices and provincial or State grants.


Our international team of sport and business consultants, at your service in Buenos Aires, Paris, Sofia, Hong Kong or Hangzhou. So, please fill in the fields below with your email and/or phone number, and we'll get in touch with you soon.

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